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3D Modeling

Disclaimer: most of these models are based on characters from a video game called “Five Nights At Freddy’s”. I loved the game as a kid and its what got me to start 3D modeling, and these are Renders ranging from 2016-present. I learned how to model trying to replicate these characters and I am very proud of my work.

A replication of the office from “Five Nights at Freddys”. I always loved all of the details and enjoyed immersing myself in recreating every detail, from the crumpled paper balls, to the children drawings on the wall.

All Models created by Eagan Tilghman in Blender.
A fun render of Freddy Fazbear. Enjoyed creating a spooky atmosphere for this model. All models Created in Blender by Eagan Tilghman.
Silly render, But I am very pleased with the lighting and composition. all Models created in Blender by Eagan Tilghman.
Render of a supply closet with Bonnie the Bunny standing inside.
Enjoyed this model very much, I love creating spaces and worlds and atmospheres that make you feel what I want you to feel when looking at them.
All models created in Blender by Eagan Tilghman.
Foxy the Pirate model. What I like most about this model is that it isn’t a replica, it is my own stylized version of the character. Enjoyed designing and posing this model.
Modeled in Blender by Eagan Tilghman.
High School Musical stage set designed by Eagan Tilghman.
Digital Render to sell vision to client.
All models created in Blender by Eagan Tilghman.